Peter Hook & the Light - Unknown Pleasures - Live At Goodwood (MP3 or WAV)

Peter Hook & the Light - Unknown Pleasures - Live At Goodwood (MP3 or WAV)

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 Peter Hook & The Light, recorded live at the inaugural Vintage Festival at Goodwood on August 15th 2010. This recording of “Unknown Pleasures” is complete with a full orchestra and choir.

01. At A Later Date
02. Leaders Of Men
03. Insight
04. Atmosphere
05. New Dawn Fades
06. Love Will Tear Us Apart
07. She’s Lost Control
08. Transmission
09. No Love Lost
10. Leaders Of Men
11. Digital
12. Glass
13. Disorder
14. Day Of The Lords
15. Insight
16. New Dawn Fades
17. Shadowplay
18. Wilderness
19. Interzone
20. I Remember Nothing
21. Atmosphere
22. She’s Lost Control
23. Transmission
24. Love Will Tear Us Apart

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