♻️ We plant a tree for every purchase, & offset all shipping.🌱
♻️ We plant a tree for every purchase, & offset all shipping.🌱
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What is Live Here Now?

Live Here Now is a Specialist Live Music Record Label / Production Company. We deliver live music direct to fans in deluxe limited-edition packages both at the show and online.

When will I get my order?


Often fans can order their show at the gig and walk away with a CD less than 10 minutes after the show has ended. However, you can also order from our WebShop here (www.liveherenow.co.uk)


When shows are recorded and delivered as ‘instant’ deliveries on the night, we aim to get our stock to our fulfilment partner to start posting out within 2 working days after the show. LHN work all over the world, so sometimes this takes a little longer depending on where your show has been recorded. We will keep you updated on the process.

You will receive an email notification once your order has shipped. If you have not had one, feel free to contact our Customer Service Dept (see contacts below) who are there to help. Please make sure you have checked your junk/spam folders before getting in touch. If you are ordering a show that has already been recorded and is in stock these are normally processed within 24 hours of order confirmation.


When shows are recorded & delivered as ‘instant’ deliveries on the night, we try and get the Downloads ready to send out to fans within one or two working days after the show. Fans pre-ordering the download will receive an email telling them the download is ready and reminding them of how to access it.

For shows that are not delivered on the night, the download will be available on the published release date. You will be notified when this is ready.

Please note, artist touring and recording commitments can affect the process when they need to approve the mix & mastering.

We will keep you updated on the process.


Vinyl just takes time. The average wait time at the major labels for vinyl is 3 to 4 months and that’s just the manufacturing process, LPs need to be mastered and cut and this gives the artist the opportunity to revisit the mix which is an option they often take.

We can usually beat the major labels delivery timelines as we are a small company and have direct relationships with the factories. We always aim to keep you updated and will give an estimated shipping date before you order, so you have an idea from the very start, but these are subject to change.

The vinyl resurgence is wonderful to see, however, most of the equipment involved at every stage is well over 50 years old and there are still a limited amount of Vinyl plants working hard to keep up with ever increasing demand, so we are always at the mercy of something breaking and space at the plants during peak times.

How long until I get my stuff after I have ordered?

Please remember, the fulfilment date on your order serves as a guide for when we hope to have all the products manufactured and ready to ship to your door.  We will provide you with information should there be delays with the project.

Estimated shipping

When an item on your order is shipped you will receive an email notification. Please be aware that items in bundles will be sent together when the final item is delivered to us, unless otherwise stated.

* Domestic shipments can take between 3 - 10 days

* International outside of the UK can take up to 25 days.

If your item is not with you beyond the timelines outlined above, please contact the LHN Customer Services team (See contacts below).

Do I get a download with my item?

Downloads are included with the purchase of most Vinyl and CD products. Unless otherwise stated, other products do not come with downloads, please check the product description to know whether you get a digital copy as well.

I don’t know how to access my download?

Instructions are printed on the product that you have purchased or will be in the email confirmation. Still having some problems? Please contact the Customer Services team (see below).

I don’t know which download format to choose?

All our downloads are offered as WAV or MP3. We believe the fan should choose what download option they want, so we charge the same price for any of the files. Choosing which file is best for you is always subjective, here are some pointers to help.

With downloads, lossless music keeps all the audio quality of the original source intact, while lossy music compresses the files for space savings (though at slightly diminished quality).

WAV. WAVs are uncompressed lossless formats, which means they are exact copies of the original source audio. However, since they're uncompressed, they take up a lot of unnecessary space. The file size reason is often why some people feel you don't need to store the audio in these formats.

MP3: MPEG Audio Layer III, or MP3 for short, is what is called a lossy format so the file size is smaller & therefore takes up less room on a device. MP3 is the most common lossy format around. So much so that it's become synonymous with downloaded music. MP3 isn't the most efficient format of them all, but it’s definitely the most well-supported, making it often a fans #1 choice for lossy audio. You really can't go wrong with MP3. Our MP3’s are high quality MP3 files at 320 Kbps.

OTHER FILES: There are other lossless formats such as AIFF (Apple’s version of the WAV), Apple Lossless or ALAC which is Apple’s version of the FLAC & therefore supported in iTunes or APE which is less common. Other Lossy formats are AAC (Apple’s version of the MP3), Ogg Vorbis or WMA (Windows Media Audio). We recommend that if you have a personal preference for one of these files, we suggest downloading a WAV & using a file converter programme to reformat your file to your preferred option. If you still have a problem please contact us through our help department (see below) & we will get back to you.

How do the fades on the CDs get done?

We start and stop the ‘on the night CDs’ live on the fly during the show. Each Cd starts & ends with a fade in / out. We want fans to get the whole of the show so to ensure this we start the fade in on CD2 before we start the fade out of CD1. This means that sometimes there is a short repeat at the end of CD 1 and the beginning of CD2.

We discuss CD cross fade points with the band before the show and try to do this between tracks where this a natural pause in the set rather than in the middle of a track.

Where a show is ‘post-mixed’ (mixed after the show so not instant) we have the benefit of getting the fade points to the exact positions the artist wants.

My CD or Download IDs are not perfect.

We ID the ‘on the night CDs’ live on the fly during the show. This means that sometimes when bands segue between songs, do a false end or do an unexpected breakdown or jam we might make an error with the ID. The unexpected is just the nature of ‘live’. We try to get it right but cannot guarantee it will be perfect.

Where a show is ‘post-mixed’ (mixed after the show so not instant) we have the benefit of getting the ID points to the exact positions.

How do I contact you for more help?

We want our customers to be happy so if you are still unsure of anything & need our help, please get in touch via email: help@liveherenow.com