KT Tunstall - Live in London 2011 - Download (MP3 or WAV)

KT Tunstall - Live in London 2011 - Download (MP3 or WAV)

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Live in London 2011: The album was released on 8 March 2011 on International Women’s Day. It was recorded at the London Forum by Live Here Now, and features an acoustic track from The Scarlet Tulip EP, ‘The Hidden Heart’, and a cover of The Cure’s ‘Close to Me’. (Choose MP3 or WAV)

Tracklist: - 

  1. Come On, Get In
  2. Glamour Puss
  3. Uummannaq Song
  4. False Alarm
  5. If Only
  6. Other Side of the World
  7. The Hidden Heart
  8. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
  9. Difficulty
  10. Lost
  11. Golden Frames
  12. Saving My Face
  13. Madame Trudeaux
  14. Push That Knot Away
  15. Fade Like a Shadow
  16. (Still a) Weirdo
  17. Close to Me
  18. Suddenly I See

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